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The Life Story of Metin & Kemal Kahraman Brothers
Metin & Kemal Kahraman Brothers, was born in a mountain house, in one off the villages of the Pülümür (Pülümür is a district of the Dersim / Tunceli). They have lived the first years of their childhood in Erzincan, where they spent their summers in Dersim. That situation, gave them the chance to give evidence both two culture; so they grow to be bilingual in Turkish that is spoken in Erzincan and in Zazish that is spoken in Dersim.
In 1983 Kemal Kahraman has succeed to get in the Istanbul university,Turkish language and literature,but he's left in 1984 and maked his way to philosophy in ODTÜ.

Metin Kahraman has gotten in the Marmara University, Radio-Television Highschool.

He has formed 'Grup Yorum' with the friends in this school. At the same time Kemal took part in various groups in Ankara The two brother came together in 1991.

They produced their first album 'Deniz Koydum Adını' as a result of the performance of 2 years in 1993

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After that Kemal's moved to Germany to have education. Metin had also gone to Germany for sometimes that way they improve their music. In 95 they've produced their second album 'Renklerde Yaşamak'
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They make collections in the Dersim-Erzincan environs since the beginings of the 90's. They have observerd the daily life, writen and non writen litereture, beliefs, music and various qualities of the region.

They have produced 'Yaşlılar Dersim Türküleri Söylüyor' depending on these observations. This album showed the way whom make collectionsand also it is in the form of a documentary.

Brothers have met with listeners in 99 with a new album 'Ferfecir'. They still live in Berlin and go on working. Brothers declare that they see Serdar Keskin (who they are making music with since 97) and Dorethea Morien important music and life component.
In the albums words and compositions belong to brothers, but other musicians have voiced their songs too. Both of them play saz, cura and guitar.

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